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Surface Water Solutions, Inc. is committed to helping people understand how we affect water quality, and to learn ways to protect the water - from compost to chemistry - creating solutions we all can live with.


There are many reasons (and ways) to measure water quality. For example, if we use a medical analogy, these measurements can tell us the current "health" of the waterbody (example: blood pressure, pulse); track changes over time (regular check-ups); or evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment (the right medicine prescribed) and/or management plan (exercise and diet).

Sampling can include measuring chemical conditions, evaluating the quality of biological communities that live within the water, and measuring physical conditions.

Successful monitoring requires knowing which things to measure, when (as well as how often), and how to sample for the appropriate answers, as well as document what's done.

Surface Water Solutions can help with all of these choices. Our company has an extensive background in chemical, physical, and biological monitoring. We can develop monitoring plans, determine what parameters need to be measured with what frequency, help with sample collection, sample analysis, and create meaningful and clear reports of results. We also have experience with several statistical methods (most recently with R*) to process the data to fit the study needs.

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