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Surface Water Solutions, Inc. is committed to helping people understand how we affect water quality, and to learn ways to protect the water - from compost to chemistry - creating solutions we all can live with.

Regulatory Support

Many environmental laws have been enacted, and programs established, to create legal standards for how water quality is evaluated and managed. These standards, although designed to protect valuable resources and define appropriate behavior, can be confusing. Often they can even seem to be conflicting.

Surface Water Solutions provides expertise and experience working with a wide range of these laws and programs: federal, state, and local governments; environmental groups; watershed groups; and citizen groups linked by geographic location as well as common interests.

Surface Water Solutions has over 20 years of combined experience with:

  • Superfund,
  • Total Maximum Daily Limit (TMDLs),
  • Comprehensive Planning,
  • Stormwater Regulations,
  • Integrated Pest Management, and
  • Pesticide Toxicology

Call us at (816) 606-5347; or email us at vlwilliams@surfacewatersolutions.com
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