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Surface Water Solutions is committed to helping people understand how we affect water quality, and to learn ways to protect the water - from compost to chemistry - creating solutions we all can live with.

Training & Workshops

Like it or not, there are always new things to learn. It might be a new way of doing an old thing, or a new regulation to comply with. It might be another form we have to fill out. Maybe we need a lot of different folks with very different backgrounds to make a decision or find solutions to a problem in our community, school, or work. Sometimes, we need to present new information to a varied group of people in an effective and straightforward manner; or technical information, with its own vocabulary we need to understand. We may need to work out with other people where we live; people who share a common area of interest with us; or who do the same kind of work we do.

Some workshop topics we’ve covered:

  • understanding a new environmental rule or set of rules and then learning how to meet the requirements
  • interpreting technical reports and terms for public use
  • discovering the options available for a problem or ideas, such as applying for a grant
  • creating a vision and planning for your home landscaping
  • negotiating a solution for a community problem

Surface Water Solutions can provide that information - from creating a basic outline of what you want to say, completing a single training module or presentation - to creating and providing a finished training program. We can provide the structure and planning to create and conduct workshops to bring groups together for solving problems or sharing ideas.

Call us at (816) 606-5347; or email us at vlwilliams@surfacewatersolutions.com
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