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Surface Water Solutions is committed to helping people understand how we affect water quality, and to learn ways to protect the water - from compost to chemistry - creating solutions we all can live with.

Healthy Landscapes

Drive down any street, and you may find yourself momentarily distracted by the shape a tree or colorful flowers, a yard sculpture or special mailbox, a shaggy lawn or one too many cars. Or maybe you notice dandelions, a busy pet, or a group of kids playing.

Which is more beautiful - a tomato plant or a rose?

Writers have lavished great praise or hurled harsh criticism over the wisdom and folly of both front lawns and neighborly fences.

How you feel about what you see comes from your own experience.

But what's behind that? What exactly is a healthy yard, or quality landscaping? And what are the costs? Every step of the process: from the initial building - thru choosing what will and won't be grown there - to keeping it watered and fed - all these decisions have obvious and hidden costs. What can we really afford?

How we manage the soil as we work it; what we choose to plant; how we choose to utilize a property; how and with what do we treat the plants we choose; how much water; how many deer do we end up feeding - all of these things have impacts. Impacts to our comfort, our wallets, and our future.

Surface Water Solutions can provide resources, ideas, and links to a broader range of experts for your planning and management of whatever properties you care for.

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