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Surface Water Solutions, Inc. is committed to helping people understand how we affect water quality, and to learn ways to protect the water - from compost to chemistry - creating solutions we all can live with.

Grant Writing

Many organizations and agencies provide funds in the form of grants as a part of their mission. These monies are intended to help create opportunities for change, promote education, provide demonstration projects, facilitate research, or simply allow a group to do what could not normally be done by private funds alone.

The grant writing process, however, can be a time and energy intensive process. And knowing what grants exists, where best to apply, what fits your project, what the reporting requirements are, and/or what constitutes “matching” contributions can all be quite overwhelming.

Surface Water Solutions, Inc. can meet with you to scope out your project, its purpose and intended results. We can then match it with potential sources of grants, loans, etc. We then “walk” thru the process with you as you apply. Or we can do the grant writing for you. Finally, we can provide management support after you receive the grant.

Other services include:

  • Grant Funding Search: SWSI will develop a list of potential funding resources that match your missions, goals and activities. We can then create letters of inquiry for you.
  • Grant Research: SWSI can assist with completed project proposals to look for possible funding sources. This service includes redrafting of the proposal to fit the guidelines of the new funding source.
  • Grant Proposal Review: SWSI can review your completed proposals prior to submission for completeness and overall fit with the funding guidelines. We will proofread, identify weaknesses and revise the proposal accordingly.
  • Grant Proposal Evaluation: SWSI can provide a professional evaluation or assessment of the proposal. We would then provide a summary and/or suggestions for improvements of the proposal's contents.

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