For  a successful business web site, you need the basics.  No matter how great a design you create, it has to stand on a solid platform with solid support. 

For a successful business, you  need tailored products to meet your customers’ specific needs.

Surface Water Solutions Web Services was created originally for Surface Water Solutions after searching for someone to create our website.  As a science-based  company we have very different potential clients, and we needed a website designed to meet those needs. 




Worry-free Solutions for Your Business


A Different Approach

Our services and products are designed to give our clients what they need based on past experience – our experience and that of our clients.  We provide the tools you need for the product you choose.  Sure you can find lower prices with other companies, but will you get everything you actually need to get the job done?


Unique Solutions

We care about what you do, and we work to  provide what you need to succeed. All our products are designed with that in mind.  Although some of our services are basic to all, we treat our clients as individuals. We aren’t  a one-size-fits-all company. We’ll help you develop a customized plan for your unique company.


Quality Over Quantity

The services and products we provide to our clients are based on their bottom line – satisfied customers – so that we can have the same.  We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far, and are committed to providing the tools and support to you to continue.


WordPress Hosting 

This is package is for anyone wanting a WordPress site, either transfer of an existing WordPress site or to create one.  It allows you to go directly to your dashboard, and includes the option additionally to install BoldGrid Premium. BoldGrid gives you the ability to create an active and a staging site concurrently. It is a slimmed-down version of our Business Website. 


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Business Hosting Toolkit

This is for businesses and organizations who know they need a website and are looking to build and expand.  It includes most of the features a business needs as well as the tools to add on as your needs grow.  Your hosting account comes with a cPanel that allows you to manage all your needs. We can help with setup and support.
Besides the basic platform to support your site, it includes statistics, simple SEO, can be used to set up accounts for partners, and includes a broad range of templates to inspire you and to customize your look and function.  


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Business Website 

This is for businesses and organizations who want a basic website set up for them.  Your new website is  built on a customized template with 5 key pages.  (*Does not include hosting or domain registration.)


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Advanced Business Support

You already have a website, but you need more:

  • Maybe you need a shopping cart for publications and products your business produces
  • A way to take and manage donations
  • Your organization has grown and you need more email accounts – or maybe even an entire new site
  • Create, manage, and promotes events
  • Or more…


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